About Piramal Assurance

Since 2012, Piramal Realty has aimed to enrich lives by setting gold standards in customer- centricity, architectural design, quality and safety. The core values of Knowledge, Action, Care, and Impact, are an integral part of the company’s philosophy and defines all endeavors, not just an individual level but also on an organizational level. Piramal Realty offers Piramal Assurance, a first-of- its-kind initiative that assures a 100% buy-back guarantee.

Piramal Assurance Details

  • *Available on select launches
  • 95% buy back assurance or 5% discount to the market value
  • Amount paid within 90 days of acceptance of the cancellation request

How it works

As gratitude towards your trust placed in us, Piramal Assurance* is being offered to guarantee you the much needed ‘Peace of Mind’ at all times. Should a home- investor not be satisfied with their decision at any point, Piramal Realty offers to buy- back each customers’ purchased home at 95% of the existing market value, right until final possession*.

Terms and conditions

  • Applicable only after registration and against timely payments
  • Calculation of market price will be done by neutral parties (may be 2 parties)
  • Time bound repayment and not event bound repayment
  • The amount will be paid within 90 days of acceptance of the cancellation request by the company
  • The base selling price is being determined by the valuation experts, the cost of appointing a valuation expert or experts will be borne by the applicant.
  • The Piramal Assurance benefit will not be applicable for customers purchasing apartments under any type of special or management discount
  • Starting INR 1.8 Cr. Onwards