Mumbai Metro Line 4: Route, Construction Status, Impact on Real Estate & More

Mumbai Metro Line 4 (Green Line Metro): Route, Status & More

22 June, 2023

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Mumbai Metro Line 4 (Green Line Metro): Route, Status & More

In a report published by McKinsey & Company, public transportation facilities are considered a city's cardiovascular system and there’s no denying that. A robust transportation system helps the city to flourish and stay efficient. Mumbai, one of the important cities of India and the world, has always been famous for its dependable and multi-facet public transport systems. The success of the operational Mumbai Metro is a testament to the same. The Mumbai Metro Line 4 is one of the many metro line projects undertaken by the Maharashtra government to provide residents of the city with better connectivity options and inexpensive travelling.

About Mumbai Metro Line 4

The Maharashtra government approved line 4 of the Mumbai Metro in September 2016, and Prime Minister Modi laid the foundation stone in December 2016. The Metro Line 4 stretches from Wadala to Kasarvadavali in Thane in a 32.32km long elevated corridor. This metro line will have 32 stations and provide interconnectivity at various points. Line 4 of Mumbai Metro is a part of Green Line Metro, which includes Lines 4, 4A, 10, and 11. The entire Green Line Metro Station project, including the Line or Thane Metro Line, is managed by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). The Thane Metro Line is crucial to lessen the burden on trains and reduce traffic. Many residents from Thane, Mulund, Vikhroli etc., travel towards central Mumbai for work. The line is expected to reduce travel time taken by commuters by between 50% and 75% depending on the conditions of the roads.

Mumbai Metro Line 4 Stations

The Thane Metro corridor plan covers the following 32 stations with their layout and interchanges (if there are any).

Mumbai Metro Line 4 Status

The construction of this metro line began in 2018. The completion status of this metro line is way beyond the initial scheduled date. There are mainly two reasons for the delay in the completion of this metro line.

  • The current Thane Metro status is under construction, as there have been multiple delays in construction in the last four years. The MMRDA has now decided to change some of the previous sub-contractors to accelerate the construction work.
  • The initial plan stated the Mogharpada plot as the Metro car shed. However, due to some land disputes between the government and the farmers, the construction has slowed down considerably. The matter is yet to be resolved.

Thane Metro Completion Date

Due to the delay in work and various hurdles faced by Mumbai Metro Line 4, the completion date still needs clarity. However, the line is expected to be completed only by the end of 2025.

Mumbai Metro Line 4: Impact on Real Estate

Due to Thane's various offerings, like an urbanised environment, availability of all the facilities, greenery, strong healthcare support etc., it has become one of the preferred destinations for people looking to buy a home. Enhancing its connectivity to the island city is the metro in Thane. This metro line is expected to boost residential and commercial developments in Thane and other areas along the Line 4 route. The spurt in demand and prices of the areas generally go up at the announcement of the metro project and once the project is operational. Moreover, on the completion of the project, the value of the existing real estate projects along the line is expected to receive a boost.


The residential localities near the metro station usually show an improved standard of living, growth, and price appreciation. The first phase of the Mumbai Metro (Versova to Ghatkopar) proved this true. The same can be expected with the completion of Line 4 of the Mumbai Metro.With a home at Piramal Vaikunth, one can enjoy the connectivity and accessibility offered by different infrastructural developments surrounding Thane and nearby areas.

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