Vastu Tips for a Positive Energy in Home

Vastu Tips for a Positive Energy in Home

28 April, 2023

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Vastu Tips for a Positive Energy in Home

Home is where one spends most of their time. People might not even realize it, but most of their moods get influenced by the environment they set in their homes. If a house is disorganised, cluttered, and chaotic, one might go about their day with nervousness and negative tension. To realign a negative vibe at home and turn it into positive energy, one can consider the ancient Indian practice of Vastu Shastra. According to the philosophy and practice of Vastu Shastra positive energy has a vital influence on every aspect of life – careers, relationships, and general happiness. The architectural design, layout, and spatial arrangement of a house can have an immense impact on harbouring positive energy throughout the day. Here are some Vastu tips for positive energy in homes, which beginners can benefit from even more.

For the Entrance

The entrance is the foremost space of the house that draws attention. According to Vastu for positive energy at home, focusing on the entrance can set the tone for the rest of the house. A clean and clutter-free entrance is essential for a calm and happy welcome into the home. Avoid keeping a large artificial or natural item or accessory at the home entrance to keep positive energy from seeping into it. Do not keep a trashcan or a dirty shoe rack at the entrance. Instead, hang a light wind chime with soothing tunes or place a tiny Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha, or any other deity to welcome persons entering the home.

For the Living Room

The living room can impact energy levels more than one can think. The interior design and placement of objects there can influence the vibe around conversations and daily interactions with others. Ensuring the living room has enough sunlight and natural views is vital, so keep the windows open during the day. Paint the living room in colours that amplify the space and airiness of the room, like white, beige, pastel colours, and creams. Such colours bring warmth and peace. Another practice is to hang family photos or photos of your loved ones to harbour togetherness.

For the Kitchen

The kitchen is where members of the house receive their nourishment and strength. From the paint colour to the positioning of the kitchen items, everything should instil a feeling of positivity and stamina to prepare food. Painting the kitchen in warm, bright, and earthy tones can create an environment of collective activity, encourage every member to contribute to cooking, and make daily chores fun. Keep your kitchen appliances like ovens, microwaves, and gas stoves in the eastern or southern direction for an ample boost. Always keep the kitchen clean and hygienic. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink as it can create stressful and negative pressure the next day.

For the Bathroom

One of the overlooked Vastu tips for happy homes is looking into the design and placement of the house bathroom. Since the bathroom is where one leaves the toxins of the previous day behind and begins afresh, pay attention to it. Keep the lid of the toilet commode, and the door shut closed when not in use. Use fresheners and pleasant sprays to keep away foul smells. Paint the bathroom in lighter colours to avoid the feeling of claustrophobia or clamminess. Ensure enough ventilation through a big enough window for natural air and sunlight. One can even consider adding positive energy Vastu shastra paintings like those depicting a scene from nature like a waterfall or tree branches.

For the Bedroom

Creating Vastu for positive energy at home includes bringing an array of positive energy Vastu items for home bedrooms. The bedroom is where one can truly relax and be themselves, so creating a balanced sense of relaxation and productivity is necessary. Keeping the bed in a southern or western direction can improve sleep quality. Avoid placing a mirror opposite your bed to avoid the negative energy that can bounce from reflections, especially while sleeping. Keep the study or worktable in the direction of the sunlight or nature to enhance productivity and positive vibes. Add positive energy Vastu Shastra paintings that radiate serenity and calm, like the positive energy waterfall painting Vastu Shastra.


Designing one's living space and home is far more significant than the cost and quantity of everything one owns. Easy adjustments like the ones mentioned above can enhance one’s daily living experience.

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