Best Places To Visit In Thane In Monsoon

8 Best Places To Visit In Thane In Monsoon (Weekend Getaways)

11 August, 2023

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8 Best Places To Visit In Thane In Monsoon (Weekend Getaways)

Thane is a famous district in Maharashtra located on the outskirts of Mumbai. The district is also called the city of lakes and is bounded by the Yeoor and Parsik hills. During the monsoon season, Thane unravels its charm, and many people start exploring its scenic beauty. So, what are the best places to visit in Thane in the monsoon? Here is a list.

Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in Thane

Thane has beautiful lakes, wildlife, historical monuments, picnic spots, and religious places. But to narrow the list down, here are some exciting places to visit in Thane that deserve to be on the explorer’s itinerary.

  • Upvan Lake

    Upvan Lake is an idyllic setting for couples and families. It is one of the most picturesque places to visit near Thane. With lush greenery surrounding the lake and the Yeoor Hills in the background, the place is perfect for picnics and strolls. The Sanskruti Arts Festival is a must-see for art and culture enthusiasts.

  • Naneghat hills

    Naneghat Hills are among the best places to visit during the monsoon season in Thane. Located almost 838 meters above sea level, Naneghat Hill is an amazing trekking spot. People can trek or drive up to the tops of the mountains and enjoy the view. Naneghat is known for its mountain pass that connects Ghatmatha with the Konkan region. There are many caves in this region where one can find inscriptions in the Brahmi language carved into stones.

  • Kachrali Lake

    On the other side of the Thane Municipal Corporation building is the Kachrali Lake, a serene body of water. There is a tiny island at the center of the lake. On top of everything, there are several artificial fountains that accentuate Kachrali Lake. It is a great place to hang out and is one of the best Thane picnic spots. For couples, it is also a romantic and tranquil spot to spend some quality time together.

  • Yeoor Hills

    It is probably one of the best one-day picnic spots near Thane. It is an escapade from mundane city life and offers a refreshing break. Yeoor Hills is also known as Yogi Hills in Mulund or the 'Mama Bhanja' mountain in Upvan. These hills are known for their flora, fauna, and picturesque views. Yeoor Hills is a beautiful place to be close to nature and be awed by its beauty.

Places to Visit Near Thane for Weekend Getaways

  • Kelva Beach

    Thane's Kelva Beach stretches nearly 7 km along the Arabian Sea, and its shoreline is lined with Suru trees.

  • Matheran

    The 30 lookout points, along with Charlotte Lake and the ancient Pisarnath Mahadev Temple on the hills, makes this one of the best places to visit in the monsoon.

  • Karnala Fort, Panvel

    During the monsoon, it is a magnificent sight to trek through Karnala or drive through the Sahyadri Ranges. Karnala Fort has much to explore, in addition to the refreshing waterfalls.

  • Lohagad Fort

    It is a splendid sight to see Lohagad Fort in the monsoon. The Duke's Nose, the Pavana Dam, and the Tung and Tikona Hills can all be seen from the top of the hill. Monsoons cover the fort in various shades of green, making it a sight.

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